Experiences: Erasmus in fall semester, in Oradea, Romania

experiences: erasmus

Salut! Hello! Hallo! Ciao! Alô! Hola! Merhaba to everyone 🙂 ! experiences: erasmus

I would like to tell you about my experience with Erasmus.

An Erasmus experience is the most wonderful thing you can experience as a student!

I am doing my Erasmus in Oradea, Romania. Before I came here, I was very excited and a little worried because I was going to go abroad for the first time. Now, my worries have been replaced by great friendships, new cultures I have learned, new cities I have visited and the University of Oradea itself where I am a student. I am very happy to be here. experiences: erasmus

Because I love traveling and nature so much, it was only after I came here that I saw what a country Romania is for me.

Romania is a very large country which protects its cities and structures without disturbing its historical background. I have had the opportunity to make friends from many countries, except for my Romanian friends. Isabela and her team, who have helped us a lot, organized beautiful events and trips for us. As a result, we have become more sociable and have had the opportunity to better learn the culture and history of this country. Oradea, especially, is a wonderful city. There is a lot to discover here in terms of history, culture and people. I definitely recommend Erasmus to everyone.

-Rumeysa, Turkish Erasmus student

experiences: erasmus


My name is Raphaël and I come from France. I came to Oradea to study Mechatronics to obtain grounding knowledge in this field for my master’s degree in France.

First of all, I can say that it is the best decision I have made in my life.

Romanian culture and its country are so unknown in France and I wanted to go to Romania to erase all the stereotypes I would hear there. And the surprise was more than expected, because I discovered the country week after week and life is more enjoyable than I thought in Oradea!

If I had to describe this experience I had in Oradea, I would say that what surprised me the most is the fact that we see ourselves as international students and we don’t take into account where we come from. This is the feeling you get when you are part of an international group and you don’t feel like a stranger. Even in Oradea, I can’t feel like a stranger! experiences: erasmus

Unfortunately, it is already the end of the semester in Oradea but souvenirs and friends will stay in my heart forever. We can’t forget international dinners, parties in the Green Pub or walking in Oradea with friends to talk about everything!

Thanks to this Erasmus experience in Oradea, I have met a lot of amazing people who are very nice and a bit crazy like me.

It was through this wonderful experience that I discovered myself as I had never done before!

Finally, I would like to thank the staff for being with us and proposing a lot of activities to meet each other! This experience will be in my memory forever thanks to you!! See you soon in Oradea.

-Raphaël, French Erasmus student

experiences: erasmus


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La 21 de ani, lucrez ca reporter la o redacție din Oradea. Fost student Erasmus, practicant în pedagogie, editor fondator al Jurnalului Milenial, un overthinker înrăit, mă străduiesc întotdeauna să văd partea plină a paharului. Când simt că lumea reală mă sufocă mă refugiez în cărți și muzică. Iubesc viața pe care o am :)