How to manage February blues?

how to manage february blues?

Christmas is gone and the jolly feeling has disappeared like Houdini’s magic tricks. The heating is on 24/7, the kettle is on and the light is dimming around 4 pm. Who said that being a winter vampire is fun? Yep, it’s February and winter has arrived with John Snow and it’s not leaving. Oh my! how to manage february blues

1. Out with the old, in with the new!

I think 2021 was a challenging year for everyone, except if you won the lottery and travelled around the world ending up in the Maldives as a final destination. Sipping a Margarita and enjoying the sun.
But if you didn’t win the lottery, like me and the 99% of us, you can Marie Kondo your wardrobe and get rid of that black dress you said you are going to wear two years ago and get that skirt you had in your basket for over a year. Once a bargain hunter, forever a bargain hunter!
The only downsize with sorting out your wardrobe is that… you should start with the adventure of cleaning your room/house for the beginning. I know, it’s not ideal to start a new Jungle Book but once you opened a can of worms (figurately) you have to continue. A clear room/house will help you feel less anxious and it will help you to relax.

2. Let’s exercise the heck out of this year!

I know, it’s February and everyone you know bought a gym membership to start this year at full strength. But do they really? You don’t have to run a marathon in the first days of the month and then throw your gym membership in a Black Hole for the rest of the 11 months. The secret is to be persistent and feel good in your own skin. Going on a walk for 20 minutes and enjoying the last hours of daylight will help improving your motivation for the whole new year. how to manage february blues

3. Treat yourself, human!

Because everyone is a bit of a hidden Queen B, it’s alright to treat yourself and be happy. Try that new bubble tea from around the corner or try those spicy wings and cry me a river of dopamine. Buy those nice shoes and feel like a rockstar because you DESERVE IT! Do things that make you happy and create memories which will last forever.

4. Try something new

I know you like to sing in the shower because the tunes on Spotify allow us to, but why not try some karaoke? Why not joining an organisation? Milenial provides a variety of roles and activities which are suitable for students in high school and universities. If you have not had the chance to sign up yet, now it’s the time to shine! It’s a great way to meet up with creative people and learn something new!

5. Spend more time with your friends and family

The positive part of the lockdown was definitely the fact that I have started to appreciate my family and friends more. I have learned that mending your relationship is more fulfilling than ignoring them. It’s better to have the drama and experience all the feelings as in a soap opera, than pressing fast forward. It’s a great way to improve your reflective thinking and maturity. Psst, don’t grow up, is a trap! how to manage february blues

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